What is CIL?

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is money paid by developers to the local planning authority to support local infrastructure that helps communities manage the changes brought about by the development.

How is CIL allocated to Parish Councils?

Under the CIL regulations Chorley Council are required to pay parish councils 15% to 25% of any CIL receipts from developments within the area.

How the Parish Funds Must Be Spent

As per the CIL guidance on the planning guidance website:

‘What can neighbourhood funding be spent on?’ It states that;

"The neighbourhood portion of the levy can be spent on a wider range of things than the rest of the levy, provided that it meets the requirement to 'support the development of the area' (as per Regulation 59c). The wider definition means that the neighbourhood portion can be spent on things other than infrastructure (as defined in the Community Infrastructure Levy regulations) provided it is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on the parish's area

Mawdesley CIL

Our Parish has received a moderate amount of money from private developments. Those changes have an impact on our community and CIL is designed to assist in managing that change and maximising the benefit our community gains from it.


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