As many of you may know, the Parish Council purchased the piece of land bordered by Smithy Lane, Ashtrees and Shortbutts as an asset for the village from the money generously bequeathed by Bert Moss.

Mr and Mrs Moss were residents in Mawdesley for many years and worked tirelessly within the village.

Throughout their life in the village, they ran a successful market garden business. Their main hobby was cricket with both being involved in Mawdesley Cricket Club. Mr Moss was a keen cricketer and umpire, and Mrs Moss would be making sandwiches, cakes etc for the cricketers teas.

They were both dedicated members of the Methodist church where they devoted themselves to the many duties in making sure everything ran smoothy for the Sunday services.

Mrs Moss was a Sunday school leader and loved nothing more than teaching the young children of the village. She could be seen on her bicycle visiting the sick taking them flowers and fruit – especially at harvest time.

Their legacy is a great asset to the community and the Parish Council wish to ensure it can continue to preserve the open space so everyone can enjoy for many years to come.

Any comments or ideas for use of this new Parish Council land, please write to or email the clerk on [email protected], or speak to individual councillors.

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